Differences which are managed in a responsible way, with effective communication and respect, can lead to positive outcomes.

While conflict is an inevitable part of life, dealing with it can be a time-consuming distraction from the pressing regular tasks of management.

Facilitation of an effective conflict management process can provide the opportunity to create unique solutions.

ACCESS Programs provides mediation services to many organisations who understand the value of using a neutral person to assist in the resolution of problematic issues. A skilled external third party can empower all involved parties and facilitate lasting resolution of issues.

The ACCESS Programs mediation process will align with your organisation’s policies and may include some of the following elements:

  • Scoping the problem through analysis of all perspectives
  • Assessment of key issues
  • Information re potential options for resolution
  • Education re the conflict curve
  • Skills development in communication for understanding
  • Coaching to build trust
  • Group work to build understanding
  • Mediation to develop mutually agreed outcomes
  • Negotiation of mutually agreed outcomes
  • Support and advice to management

ACCESS Programs employs a number of accredited mediators who will assist in the clarification of any issues causing conflict, and development of appropriate and effective resolutions.