CoachingWe have a significant reputation for high-standard organisational consulting services.

Our consultancy provides support to managers at all levels, with particular emphasis on advice relating to human resource issues. ACCESS Consultants have expertise based on professional qualifications and years of experience working with individuals and organisations to resolve issues and build positive workplaces.  We do this through training programs but also through our range of consulting services.

These services are initiated by your organisation and are tailored to meet your own requirements for:

  • Formal Referral: Your organisation can request one of your employees to participate in coaching for a specific work-related issue. This more formal referral is negotiated between you, your staff member and our experienced Workplace Consultant.
  • Investigations: Investigations of incidents that impact your workplace. Our team systematically and professionally investigate events – such as formal complaints – and provide a report of finding and recommendations for you to implement.
  • Coaching Services:   Our Workplace Consultants provide individual or small group coaching sessions in areas such as Leadership, Time Management, Delegation, Communication and Stress Management.
  • Change Management Support: There is constant and ongoing change in the modern workplace, and people respond to it very differently. Our Counsellors can provide support to employees who are struggling with the implications of change on their work and personal lives. They can assist with  performance management and providing feedback to managers and helping with team development processes and systems to improve organisational outcomes.

Workplace Consulting

ACCESS provides consultancy services to employers and managers when there are issues of concern in the workplace. These services are initiated by the employer / manager / human resources and are tailored to individual and group requirements.

Team Review

Workplace Consultants will interview team members and summarise the interview material in a confidential report to Management which identifies issues and makes recommendations to ensure the development and maintenance of a healthy team.

Conflict Management Coaching

Employees are coached one on one by a trained Conflict Management Coach to become competent in managing interpersonal disputes.

Restorative Conference

A Restorative Conference is a facilitated process by a Workplace Consultant for all staff who have been involved in a conflict situation where a victim and perpetrator have been established. It is an opportunity for everyone to express how they have been affected by the situation and to be a part of the resolution by expressing what they think needs to happen to rectify the situation. 

Manager Assist

Workplace Consultants provide a telephone consultation to talk through an issue with a manager and explore a range of ideas for resolution. This service is usually adjunct to the EAP contract.

Other Workplace Consulting

Workplace Consultants can provide advice and support in areas such as career planning, change management, team building and other areas as required.

Coaching Services

Sometime the best way to manage disputes is through individual one-on-one coaching. With this service, employees are coached by a trained Consultant to become competent in managing interpersonal disputes.

Our team will assist you as an employee to identify and work towards achieving your goals and aspirations, deepen your learning in a thought provoking and creative way that inspires you to manage situations.

The topics below are suitable for individual or group coaching:

  • Team issues
  • Leadership
  • Personal Impact
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Delegation
  • Job Search
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Communication skills

If you would like to access our Coaching or Consultancy Services, prior authorisation is required from your manager. Please contact ACCESS to talk with us about how coaching may help you.