Access Programs’ Professional Development team assists and collaborates with you to identify your unique goals and challenges in relation to staff management and learning and development needs.

We aim to ensure your learning experience is both relevant and impactful, so we offer a suite of standard ‘off the shelf’ professional development programs that have been designed to address common industry challenges.

   Maintaining Good Mental Health Series

Balancing Act: Self-Care in the Workplace – In this course, participants learn the importance of self-care for productivity and well-being. They explore the benefits of self-care and discover strategies for physical, mental, emotional, social, and professional self-care at work. Practical tips and actionable plans empower participants to overcome challenges and create personalised self-care routines, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment. (60 minutes)

Coping with Change – This session introduces the Scott & Jaffe Change Model, and explores the stages of change, provides support strategies, and includes interactive activities. Participants engage in discussions, role-playing, and create personalised action plans to enhance resilience in the face of change. (60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours)

Cultivating Mindfulness at Work – This session offers participants a comprehensive experience in cultivating mindfulness in everyday life. It includes guided exercises in mindful breathing, body scanning, walking, and eating, encouraging participants to observe and be present in each moment. The session emphasises non-judgmental awareness and provides practical techniques to reduce stress and enhance overall well-being. Participants are encouraged to incorporate these practices into their daily lives for lasting benefits. (60 or 90 minutes)

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace – A powerful workshop that empowers participants to understand and address mental health in the workplace. Through interactive activities, discussions, and presentations, participants will gain insights into the mental health continuum, common challenges, and the impact of stigma. The workshop emphasises creating a supportive workplace culture, provides resources for mental health support, and encourages self-care practices. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of mental health and the tools to promote well-being in their work environment. (90 minutes)

Navigating Workplace Conversations: Asking “Are You Okay” and Beyond – Sense someone you care about is acting unusually or doesn’t appear to be themselves? Discover signs and timing to ask, “Are You Okay?”. Initiate a conversation to help a person open up. If they’re struggling, our steps offer support and strategies. If they’re okay, they’ll appreciate that you care. (90 minutes)

Preventing Burnout: Strategies for a Balanced Life – A workshop designed to equip individuals with the tools to avoid burnout. Participants will learn to recognise the signs of burnout, establish healthy work-life boundaries, and practice stress management techniques. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, this course empowers attendees to prioritise self-care, and maintain a balanced life, ultimately enhancing well-being and productivity. (90 minutes)

Retirement and Career Transition The course delves into various facets of this significant life change. It explores the concept of retirement and adapting to change, highlighting the shift from a structured work life to a more flexible lifestyle. Common concerns around retirement are addressed, acknowledging anxieties and uncertainties individuals may face, along with emotional adjustments. The course accentuates the positive aspects of retirement, illuminating opportunities for personal growth, leisure, and new experiences. (60 minutes)

Setting and Maintaining Professional Boundaries in the Workplace – This program focuses on establishing and maintaining professional boundaries in various workplace scenarios. It emphasises clear communication, active listening, and empathy when setting and enforcing boundaries. Participants learn to handle situations where co-workers or clients may become upset when boundaries are established. The program emphasises professionalism, conflict resolution, and the importance of self-care in maintaining healthy work environments. (60 or 90 minutes)

Strategies for Teachers to Maintain Professional Boundaries with Parents – This program training equips teachers to establish and maintain professional boundaries with parents effectively. Participants learn the significance of these boundaries, identify common challenges, and develop strategies for boundary establishment and communication. Through case studies, role-playing, and group discussions, teachers enhance their skills in active listening, assertiveness, and handling complex scenarios. The training emphasises self-care and the importance of professionalism in nurturing positive teacher-parent relationships while upholding ethical standards. (90 minutes)

Sustaining Workplace Motivation -This workshop explores the essence of workplace motivation. Participants will delve into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, discover the importance of staying motivated, and learn effective strategies to maintain motivation. The session will cover setting SMART goals, overcoming obstacles, and fostering a growth mindset. Practical exercises and real-life examples will equip attendees with tools to boost morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. (60 or 90 minutes)

     Conflict Resolution Series

Cultivating Positive Communication in the Workplace – This program is designed to empower participants with essential communication skills. It covers active listening, empathy, constructive feedback, conflict resolution, and the use of positive language. Participants also learn about digital communication etiquette and how to foster a positive communication culture within their organisation. The course emphasises practical application and offers valuable takeaways for creating a more harmonious and productive workplace environment. (60 or 90 minutes)

Cultural Awareness and Diversity – This program fosters understanding and inclusion. It explores cultural nuances, biases, and communication styles to promote a more inclusive and harmonious workplace. Participants gain tools to navigate diversity effectively, fostering a culture of respect and collaboration. (60 or 90 minutes)

Effective Conflict Resolution – This program emphasises impartiality, active listening, and mediation techniques. Participants learn to separate conflicting parties initially, facilitate private discussions, and arrange productive joint mediation meetings. During these meetings, they establish respectful communication, identify root causes, and collaboratively generate and select solutions. The program includes follow-up sessions for tracking progress and reinforcing these essential conflict resolution skills to create more harmonious environments. (60 or 90 minutes)

Empowerment Workshop: Building Inclusive Environments – Our comprehensive training empowers individuals to recognise, prevent, and respond to bullying and harassment effectively. Through engaging content, real-life scenarios, and interactive exercises, participants gain valuable skills to foster respectful environments, promote inclusivity, and stand up against bullying and harassment. (2 hours)

Fostering Respect in the Workplace – Join our “Respect in the Workplace” session for a dynamic dive into workplace respect. Learn its importance, links to communication and leadership, and tackle real-world scenarios. Uncover the essentials of a respectful workplace – equality, boundaries, recognition and appreciation, inclusivity, empathy, and conflict resolution. Boost communication skills, handle conflicts gracefully, and see how leaders shape respect. Walk away with actionable tips to spread respect in your work world. (60 or 90 minutes)

Mentoring and Coaching – This session offers participants a comprehensive understanding of the GROW model in coaching and mentoring. The session begins with an introduction to the model’s significance and structure. Participants delve into each phase of the model with a summary of key concepts and a question-and-answer segment. Participants leave equipped with practical insights into using the GROW model effectively in guiding mentees towards their goals. (90 minutes)

Responding to Challenging Behaviours – Participants will be equipped with vital customer service skills. The session emphasises the significance of both assertiveness and professionalism in addressing challenging customers such as aggression and verbal abuse. This condensed training provides a concise yet comprehensive overview to enhance participants’ abilities in managing difficult customer interactions effectively and professionally. (90 minutes)

     Trauma Series

Grief in the Workplace – Grief manifests in various forms, affecting productivity and morale. Recognising the types of grief and coping mechanisms is crucial. This presentation outlines models of grief, and the variety of reactions to grief to provide frameworks for understanding its stages and complexities. The course also covers how to support grieving colleagues. By acknowledging and addressing grief in the workplace, organisations foster a culture of empathy and resilience, promoting employee well-being and organisational health. (90 minutes)

Trauma Debriefing – This 60-minute training course provides an overview of trauma debriefing, emphasises the ABCD model, incorporates interactive activities, and equips participants with practical guidelines for conducting effective debriefing sessions. It encourages a supportive and empathetic approach to addressing trauma in the workplace. (60 minutes)

Vicarious Trauma Awareness and Resilience – is a program designed for health, and caring professionals. It delves into understanding vicarious trauma, its emotional and neurological impact, and how it can contribute to burnout. Practical coping strategies, resilience-building techniques, and the importance of self-care and peer support are emphasised. The training aims to equip participants with knowledge and tools to effectively manage vicarious trauma, fostering personal well-being while maintaining the quality of care provided to clients. (90 minutes or 2 hours)

Customised Programs

Need a program not listed above? We can work closely with you to tailor programs that align with your specific needs, strategic objectives, and organisational culture.

Program Delivery

Facilitation of programs may be:

  • Face to face (at your site or ours*), or
  • Online via MS Teams, or
  • Pre-recorded (you are sent a link to watch a pre-recoded session with a negotiated expiry date)*.

Programs are charged by the hour, range from one (1) to four (4) hours in length, and depending on the program, can be delivered to between 10 and 100 people simultaneously.

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