Our values are the guiding principles that form the foundation in the way that we work. We use these implicitly held principles to make important decisions between right and wrong ways of working. Our values are powerful because they motivate and drive us in our work and add purpose and meaning to our lives.

Being aware of and identifying our values at work and other areas of our lives allows us to fully understand how they influence our behaviour. Take some time to think about the following areas of life and try to identify a word or two about what is important to you; what kind of person do you want to be and how would you like to act in these areas of life?

Family relationships (e.g. respectful, good communication)
Parenting (e.g. caring, loving)
Friendships (e.g. honest, supportive)
Work (e.g. efficient, reliable)
Education (e.g. commitment, informed)
Recreation (e.g. calm, fun)
Spirituality (e.g. patience, acceptance)
Community involvement (e.g. compassionate, give back)
Health and wellbeing (e.g. healthy eating, energize)

Start eliciting a list of your top 10 values by asking yourself: What is important about life, work or relationships – family, parenting or friends? Once you have your list, prioritise your values in order of importance. For each value ask yourself: Why is this important to me? Write down your responses if you wish.

Keeping a record of what you value and how you want to live your life can be useful. Once you have created a record, the next step is to start to take some small steps that make these a valued part of how you live and act in your life.

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