Positive, healthy work relationships can enhance our wellbeing and make our work more enjoyable and less stressful. The quality of our relationships and the sense of connectedness we have with our colleagues can determine how we develop and function in the workplace.

  1. Connect with colleagues who are positive and supportive. Seek out work colleagues who are positive and supportive, this will help you feel energised and less stressed.
  2. Say a cheery ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ when you see a work colleague (even if you don’t know them). A little courtesy in the workplace goes a long way. Smiling at and greeting your work colleagues can help promote positive workplace relations.
  3. Leave your personal issues at the door.If you are going through a tough time at home, phone ACCESS Programs and talk to a Counsellor for emotional support. Try not to talk about it too much at work, it may affect your productivity and working relationships.
  4. Talk well of work colleagues when they are not around. Gossiping can have unhelpful affects at work and it almost always is destructive. Trust and respect can play a major role in promoting a positive healthy workplace. Compliment your work colleagues on their achievements either personal or professional even when they are not around.
  5. Do your job well. Go above and beyond what is expected of you and look for ways to assist other work colleagues if you can.
  6. Take interest in your work colleagues. Showing a genuine interest in your work colleagues can make them feel comfortable around you. Talk to them during your break time (or when appropriate) about their interests or hobbies.
  7. Accepting differences. Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse. By appreciating the differences of work colleagues the more likely they will accept you as you are and the healthier your relationships will be.

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