All of our consultants have professional qualifications with extensive post graduate experience. All psychologists and social workers are connected to their relevant professional associations and adhere to strict ethical standards.

ACCESS is also fortunate to employ some multi-lingual staff, including speakers of Italian and Spanish.

Clair Clark – Manager

B.A. Psychology (Hons); Dip. Mgt; Cert PA

Clair leads a professional team of Counsellors, Consultants, Trainers, a Service Coordinator and a Service Support Officer to provide high quality services to all of our clients.  She manages ACCESS with evidenced based best practice in mind and achieves continuous improvement through continued professional development and goal setting.  Clair has an extensive leadership career spanning over 20 years with experience in the not-for-profit, private for-profit, Statutory Authority, Government, Disability, Mental Health, Workers Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Aged Care sectors.  She values transparency and integrity in all of her work, and through a focus on each and every employee’s well-being, she believes that each employer can achieve success.  Clair has a passion for business development and transformative change, and strives to support and work with all employers collaboratively to achieve their goals.

Darren McGeachie – Senior Consultant

B. Social Work; B.A. LLB (Hons); Nationally Accredited Mediator (Leadr); Cert. IV TAE

Darren is qualified in law and social work and practiced as a solicitor in private practice for a number of years. He has worked as a Solicitor and Senior Conciliator with the Equal Opportunity Commission., joining ACCESS-OCAR in 2000. His current interests are in organisational consultancy, coaching, dispute resolution and workplace investigation. He has trained as a mediator with LEADR, and coaches trainee mediators at the University of South Australia. He lectures in law and social work at Flinders University, and is a past Vice President of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia Inc (EAPAA). He also holds the Certificate iv in Workplace Assessment, and acts as a trainer in the area of case recording.

Margaret Stevens –  Senior Clinician

B.A Social Work; Bachelor of Education; Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment, JP.

Margie has complemented her formal qualifications with numerous professional development courses and certificates over a number of years in practice across a variety of interest areas including mediation, mental health, trauma, grief and loss and group work practice.
Margie has extensive experience in workplace training, coaching and mentoring across the university, state educational, business and not for profit sectors. As a Counsellor she is skilled in using a variety of therapeutic approaches to assist clients navigate a way through difficult personal situations to achieve their desired outcomes. In doing this Margie uses a variety of approaches including Strengths Based Intervention, Solution Focussed Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) Motivational Counselling, Crisis Intervention, Narrative Therapy, and a Recovery Oriented Practise approach to trauma and critical incidents.

Faye Gray – Service Coordinator

 Dip. Community Services Work.

As the Service Coordinator, Faye is the first point of contact for ACCESS. Faye believes in exceptional customer service and works with client organisations to direct them to the best service to suit their needs. Faye coordinates all aspects of Training and Critical Incident and Trauma Support Services, provides EAP quotations and assists with business and service related enquiries.

Trish Graham – Service Support Officer

Cert III and Cert II in Business (Office Administration); Cert III in Business (Medical Administration).

Trish has diverse office administrative experience, working within not-for-profit and Government departmental organisations. Trish provides business support to the ACCESS team and assists with the set-up and rollover of client EAP service agreements, and other general enquiries.

Judith Burnell – Consultant

B. Arts; Masters of Mediation & Conflict Resolution; Nationally Accredited Mediator (Leadr); Grad Dip. T; Grad Dip. Ed. Admin; Cert. TESOL.

Judith is a nationally-accredited mediator, Workplace Consultant and trained Conflict Management Coach. She has an extensive background in education, including many years in leadership positions which have provided her with a rich experience and knowledge of managing workplace conflict. Her Masters of Mediation and Conflict Resolution has provided the theory on such areas as the nature of conflict at work, communication during conflict, workplace harassment and a solution-focused approach.

Lee Bradley – Consultant

Diploma Community Services – Mental Health; Diploma Remedial Practitioner; Certified Mediator; Certificate IV Workplace Injury Management.

Lee has completed formal qualifications in areas surrounding Injury Management, Mediation and Workplace Consultancy. She has experience designing and facilitating workshops in Stress Management for local community centres in the southern area. She has worked in the private sector as a Case Manager, as a Rehabilitation Consultant at SA Health and Injury Management Consultant with SAPOL. Her passion is in assisting people in conflict to come to an agreement. She supports people in highly confidential matters with sensitivity, empathy and hope.

Valeria Cavallo – Consultant / Counsellor

B. Psychology (Hons).

Valeria is a registered Psychologist who graduated in Argentina in 1987 and has an extensive background in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology. She has worked overseas with adults, children and adolescents. Her expertise is in mental health and organisational issues. She has been a Consultant/Psychologist with ACCESS working with adults since 1994 and can speak, read and write fluent Spanish and Italian.

Patricia Donovan – Counsellor

B.A Social Work (Hons); Post Grad. Dip. Family Therapy; Associate Dip. Child Studies; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training, Mindfulness Cognitive behavioural Therapy for Professionals.

Patricia has a Bachelor of Social Work with Hons, Post Grad in Narrative Therapy and Community Work. She has worked with adults, children and adolescents, family groups and group work.   Experience and training in mental health, Mindfulness CBT, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy. In counselling roles her practice  is informed by a combination of approaches including Solution Focused, Strengths based, Motivational Interviewing , Mindfulness CBT, Narrative and Brief Therapy, Grief and Loss counselling, Sensory Motor understanding of trauma and recovery.

David Gleeson – Consultant / Counsellor

B. Arts; B. Social Administration

David has over 20 years extensive and varied clinical experience as a qualified Social Worker and Counsellor, in both the Community and Government sectors. David has worked as a counsellor for many years and also has a strong background in Vocational Rehabilitation, Disability, Case Management and Advocacy.  David enjoys working with adolescents, couples, families and groups and has a relational style, which is supported by his strengths-based approach to therapy. David is skilled in using a range of therapeutic approaches to assist clients in feeling confident to challenge themselves and make positive change.

Fiona Graf – Counsellor

B. Social Work; B. Social Planning.

Fiona has been providing counselling and social work services for many years and has considerable experience working in the mental health sector and with young people and families. Her passion is supporting people achieve their goals in a safe and confidential space. Fiona works from a strengths based perspective and utilises her skills in motivational interviewing, solution-focused brief therapy and grief and loss counselling.

Deanne Gray – Consultant / Counsellor

B. Social Work; Grad. Dip. Therapeutic Arts Practice; Dip. Management; Adv. Cert. Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Cert. IV TAE.

Deanne has been providing counselling services for over twenty years, specialising in the areas of eating disorders, sexual abuse, mental health and within the arena of addictions (gambling, alcohol, drug and food disorders). She has held position lecturing in higher education at both undergraduate and post graduate levels (youth work and counselling) and is particularly passionate about the role of the arts in counselling approaches. She has worked across a variety of government and non-government organisations using Acceptance Commitment Therapy, together with various other approaches. She adopts a strengths based focus and encourages individuals, couples and families to embrace positive change and enhance better health and well-being.

David Hawke – Consultant / Counsellor

Dip. Counselling and Group Work; Grad. Dip. Relationships Counselling

David is an experienced Counsellor who has been providing counselling and therapeutic group work for over 15 years. He welcomes a diverse range of concerns presented by individuals or couples. He came to ACCESS with extensive experience in understanding and addressing workplace related concerns and has over 40 years’ experience in workplace training. David maintains clinical membership of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia through meeting annual requirements for ethical standards, continuing professional development and regular supervision as a counsellor. He is a compassionate Counsellor who applies an integrated theoretical approach to his work and uses a combination of counselling approaches including; Solution Focused Brief therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Grief and Loss counselling.

Christopher Hibberd – Counsellor

B. Behavioural Science (Psychology); Grad. Cert (Mental Health Science).

Christopher has been working as a clinician and counsellor for 15 years, particularly in Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) and with placements at the Centre for Anxiety & Related Disorders and with an OCD support service. In counselling, Christopher draws from his knowledge and experience in using Cognitive & Behaviour Therapy (including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy/Mindfulness and training in Moral Reconation Therapy), Client Centred/Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Strengths Based, Grief & Loss, Problem Solving & Goal Setting, Behaviour Activation and Resilience Building.

Leigh Hoff – Counsellor

B.A Social Science (Psychology); M.A Counselling and Psychotherapy; M.A Social Work.

Leigh has worked as a counsellor in the community sector for over seven years. His education background and work experience has prepared him well for working with a range of issues (e.g. substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues). He enjoys working with individuals, couples, families, and groups as he understands the importance of our social connection in the construction of life problems. He draws from a range of evidence based models including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in his work and approaches counselling with a non-judgemental and strength-based approach to support clients to work through any issues they are facing.

Elaine Kelly – Consultant / Counsellor

B. Social Work

Elaine has been providing counselling services for over 20 years in government working in the education sector in the role of counsellor to staff on matters of psychological health and well-being, and Social Worker to children and families. Elaine has experience in community mental health as well as clinical mental health hospital settings. Elaine utilizes a variety of counselling approaches including Strengths Based, Solution Focused, Brief therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Mindfulness and Grief and Loss counselling.

Di Nayda – Counsellor

B. Psychology (Hons)

Di has been providing counselling services for many years, predominantly in the area of anxiety disorders, for individuals families and couples. Di has an Honours degree in Psychology and is currently completing her Doctorate at Flinders University. She draws from a range of evidenced based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy and Self Compassion- Based Mindfulness Therapy tailored to the individual or family to ensure the best outcome. ​Di’s primary objective is to build on the clients strengths and coping strategies, to learn new ways of managing challenging situation in order to enhance their well being and reach their potential.

Trisha O’Dea – Consultant / Counsellor

Master Soc. Sc. (Counselling); Graduate Diploma Applied Social Studies; Cert. IV TAA; Cert. IV HR.

Trisha has extensive experience in supporting personal development and learning, having worked for over thirty years as a Social Worker, Counsellor and TAFE Lecturer (Business and Management Studies) in team and in leadership positions. She has provided counselling, training, and critical situation support with Access since 2008.  She sees her role as helping people to achieve stronger participation in life and work through identifying capacities and mobilising personal strengths. She uses a combination of counselling strategies including; Solution Focused Brief therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Mindfulness and Grief and Loss counselling.

 Leanne Pine – Counsellor

B. Social Work

Leanne has experience working with youth and families as a case manager for several years in government and non-government roles. Previously enrolled nurse in the Defence Force, working in local hospitals and rehab services in Adelaide. Leanne has experience as a clinician and counsellor in the Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) sector. She has completed training in co morbidity in AOD and mental health conditions and trauma informed practices. Leanne utilises different theories and practices such as Bio psycho social assessment, Motivational and Narrative interviewing with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Strength, Well-being and Solution based theories, personalised to each individual or family to service the best outcome.

 Cris Pirone – Consultant / Counsellor

B.A. (Psychology); B. Social Work; B. Ed (Counselling)

Cris is a registered Psychologist and has over 25 years of experience in working with couples, individuals and families in counselling. . She draws upon a range of evidence based frameworks and has clinical experience in providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness based therapy, Family Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Individual Counselling and Counselling for children. Cris aims to support and assist individuals to build upon their strengths and skills and to learn new ways of managing their concerns so that they can enhance their well-being, develop their potential and live the life they want to live.

Christine Sibley – Counsellor

B.Psychology; M. Social Science (Counselling); Grad Dip. Jungian Psych; Cert. Women’s Studies.

Christine has a background in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling and holds degrees in Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling. She has a background working in relationship counselling, staff counselling and consultancy, psychiatric group work and EAP counselling. She uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Jungian, Systemic and she likes to work in the area of loss and grief, personality and psychology.

Elly Wild – Counsellor

B.Social Work; B.Science; Grad Dip (Group Work)

Elly has extensive and varied clinical work as a social worker and counsellor. Elly has considerable experience in working with people who have experienced childhood trauma. She also embraces working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. In counselling her work is informed by a combination of approaches including Solution Focused, Strengths Based, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Grief and Loss as well as somatic based understandings of trauma and recovery.

Denise Wilson – Counsellor

B.Education; Grad Dip Social Science (Counselling); Grad Dip Arts (Women’s Studies); Dip T, Certificate IV in TAE

Denise is a qualified counsellor and trainer. She has extensive counselling and teaching experience across health, human services, NGOs and university sectors in Adelaide and overseas. She has developed mindfulness-based group work programs as well as programs for community services and women’s education. Her interests in counselling include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).