Mindfulness, Self-Care and Self-Compassion

This interactive introduction to Mindfulness is offered as a 3 hour face to face presentation that explores how to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives through offering some practical ways to be more mindful in our day while also touching on the more formal aspects of mindfulness meditation. We also look at the benefits and importance of self-care, self-compassion and gratitude and how these practices can assist us through difficult times. Participants are encouraged to share through games and reflection throughout.


This course is run as a 3 hour session in-house at 45 Wakefield Street, Adelaide 5000 or can be provided on-site.

Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education & Care (RAN-EC)

It is a condition of employment in DECD schools and services that all individuals must attend a full day, face-to-face Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN-EC) training session.

This is a requirement for teacher registration in South Australia and is an employment prerequisite in school and children’s services settings.

Please Note: For participants under the age of 18, it is the employers’ responsibility to assess each participant in regard to their age and experience and therefore the appropriateness of attending this course due to the sensitive nature of the content


This course is run as a full day session in-house at 45 Wakefield Street, Adelaide 5000 or can be provided on-site.

It is important that participants arrive on time and stay for the duration of the training. Due to the requirements of this training certificates will not be issued to participants who miss any part of the day.

** The three-hour refresher session is now done online. Please refer to the Department for Education and Child Development website for more information.

Investigation Workshop

Conducting a fair, impartial and thorough workplace investigation is one of the most challenging aspects of a Manager or Human Resource Practitioner’s role. The legal environment is now more complex than ever, pressures on managers may lead to mistakes or reactive decisions and workers are more aware of their rights than ever before. Added to this are the challenges that rapidly changing technology brings.

This workshop provides the tools and knowledge for Managers and Human Resource Practitioners to conduct a successful and mindful workplace investigation.


This Workshop is a 3.5-hour course run in-house at 45 Wakefield Street, ADELAIDE 5000 or facilitated on-site.

Contact Officer Workshop

Contact Officers are employees trained to provide other employees with information and impartial support regarding issues of discrimination, harassment and bullying. They also provide clarification about the employer’s policies and complaint procedure.

A user-friendly internal complaints system is the best way for your organisation to prevent issues of harassment and bullying from escalating into potentially costly legal processes. Such a system is more likely to succeed if staff can initially speak informally to a Contact Officer, someone who can explain their options in addressing their issues of concerns in a non-judgmental manner.

With emphasis on practical skill building, this program will enable Contact Officers to successfully fulfil their role and actively contribute to their organisation’s commitment to a respectful, non-discriminatory workplace.


This Workshop is a 4-hour course run in-house at 45 Wakefield Street, ADELAIDE 5000 or this workshop can be provided on-site. If you have attended this training before the 2-hour refresher might be for you.

Managing Underperformance

Managing underperformance, or poor performance, is often considered as a convoluted, messy and negative experience for both the manager and employee.

This workshop has been designed to offer managers the information, clarification and confidence they need to sensitively support their employees through this process, and to positively shift their perspective of the performance management practice.

Working within the current legal requirements, considering recent cases studies, and using a best practice approach, this workshop provides you an opportunity to be guided through this component of performance management, in a reflective and supportive environment.


This Workshop is a 4-hour course run in-house at 45 Wakefield Street, ADELAIDE 5000 or this workshop provided on-site.