It sometimes feels like stress is a constant – but expected – companion in a 21st century workplace.

It has a real effect – have you ever been overwhelmed by issues that people describe as ‘stressful?’ Do you sometimes feel others don’t know what you are going through? Are there lots of things happening to you? Any headaches, back pain, tummy upsets, palpitations, anger, sleeplessness, or lethargy after sleep?

Who would benefit?

People who want to identify early warning signs of stress and manage emotions more effectively by implementing personal, meaningful strategies to deal with the day to day stressors that come with all facets of life, at home or in the workplace.

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify stressful ‘warning signs’ and begin to develop a personal stress profile which identifies tolerance levels / points, personal triggers, vulnerabilities & habitual responses
  • How to begin your own action research now
  • How to apply strategies that can assist you to avoid, prevent, manage and process stress
  • How to understand how your personal response affects physical and emotional health


While the duration for this course can be negotiated to suit your team, the course normally runs for a half-day (three hours).


To book this course or to discuss your training needs, please contact us.