Negativity can be likened to a virus that spreads rapidly from one person to another. People with negative attitudes (often related to poor self-concept) have a much greater chance of experiencing negative stress (distress) and are more likely to experience dissatisfaction with their lives and jobs. This can lead to increased absenteeism, lower productivity and cause collateral damage to colleagues.

Who would benefit?

People who want to assist others to challenge their habitual negative predisposition and assist them to choose a range of optimistic ways to interpret personal or work issues.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding negativity in more depth and some of its causes
  • Different strategies and workshop ways for dealing with negativity
  • Turning your understanding into action


While the duration for this course can be negotiated to suit your team, the course normally runs for a half-day (three hours).


To book this course or to discuss your training needs, please contact us.